Our story is simple and begins in 1967.

We are in Emilia, a land which has always been marked by an important entrepreneurial ferment with a strong mechanical vocation; near Carpi, that after World War II has become one of the most important Italian textile district, mainly focused on knitting. Starting to produce textile machines has been the logical consequence to these territorial premises and SIMET in 1967 begins its activity, manufacturing hank to cone winders, motorizations and automatisms for knitting.

Since the beginning the company sells its products all over the world, and starting from the mid-70’s, develops its first winders, initially for domestic / laboratory use, then always bigger and more “industrial”.
As time went on SIMET widens the range of its products including also Assembly Winder and Fancy Twisting Machines, always guaranteeing the highest quality levels.

Now SIMET manufactures:

  • Winders for the preparation of bobbins for soft and hard winding;
  • Winders for spinning, knitting and hosiery manufacturers;
  • Winders with positive feeder suitable for continuous or slippery or chenille yarns;
  • Winders for taking up from bulking machines;
  • De-knitting Winders;
  • Winders for intermingling textured yarn/s (multi filament) with or without elastomeric yarn;
  • Assembly Winders for 2 or more plies;
  • Twisting machines for the production of fancy yarns;
  • Sewing thread Winders.

Years of experience, extreme flexibility, willingness and readiness to understand and satisfy customers’ needs and requests, the continuous development of new products and "solutions" made of SIMET and its products a strong reference point in the world-wide survey of Textile Machines manufacturers.