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Electronic Assembly Winder model SEB

Electronic Assembly Winder model SEB with meter counter and independent speed in each head
SIMET electronic Assembly Winders with grooved drum in hard anodized aluminum of superior quality are very versatile and permit to wind the most of the yarns without even damaging the yarn final quality.
Speed can be adjusted electronically in each head, the different radial anti patterning system, the pneumatic counterweight (in machines with 2 or more heads), the sliding of the cone holder and all yarn passages protected by ceramic, guarantee the achievement of excellent results for what concerns productivity, quality of the packages and of the yarn itself. In case of stop, the electronic braking of the grooved drum (adjustable) avoids that the package keeps on turning by inertia. The standard version can assemble up to three plies. It is available also a special configuration with creel in machine for four plies. For more than four plies it is available the separate creel. Tension can be adjusted independently in each ply. Then, each ply is controlled by a sensor, that in case of failure, lack of yarn or if the preset meters have been reached, transmits an impulse to the yarn cutter (with on/off switch) that cuts all the plies.
This model is designed and built for satisfying the requests of the customers that make small productions or use fine and delicate yarns, such as cashmere and mohair. The machine has one inverter per spindle and acceleration ramp controlled and adjustable in each spindle.
It can be used as a normal winder. Each head works as an independent unit.
The high quality of the materials used in the building process makes the machine more solid and long lasting in time.
Maintenance is made easily and is limited to the normal cleaning.
Assembly Winder model SEB/1 with 1 head and meter counter
Assembly Winder model SEB/2 with 2 heads and meter counter
Assembly Winder model SEB/6 with 6 heads and meter counter
Pneumatic counterweight (without consumption)