Textile Machines

made in Italy

Twisting m/c for fancy yarn Mod. TWISTER/TWISTERF

Twisting Machine for fancy yarns mod. TWISTER / TWISTERF
Twisting Machine Mod. TWISTER for fancy yarns in 2 heads element.
- Completely electronic.
- It winds directly the twisted yarn on cone after having waxed it with a micro motor waxing device.
- The hollow spindles motors are set separately in motion by the motor that drives the distributing rollers for winding the already twisted yarn: it permits an innumerable range of twists per meter, since it is not necessary to work on belts, pulleys, ...
- From 9 up to 200 twists per meter.
- The speed of the hollow spindles motors and the winding speed are adjustable.
- Cones to be used on the hollow spindles: 6" traverse, 5°57' only.
- Take up cones: 6" traverse, 5°57' (others upon request).
- Grooved drum in hard anodized aluminum of superior quality.
- Supplied with 4 electronic sensors for the creel feeding yarns, and with electronic sensors on the yarns from the hollow spindle, that permit the twisting up to 6 plies each head.
- Automatic stop in case of breakage or lack of one of the plies; when the cone reaches the preset diameter and if too unbalanced cones have been put on the hollow spindles.
Can work as twisting machine, as assembly winder and as cone-to-cone winder.
The multi-function keyboard with display, operating in 5 languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian), shows the diagnostics and permits:
- To set and to see the number of twists and the speed (Mt/Min);
- To use the meter counter when required
- To set 4 "working memories".
220V 1Ph 50/60Hz
In conformity with the EC standards and complete with instructions and maintenance handbook.

*** In addition to all these functions Model TWISTERF permits to create a flame or a "nep" effect in the yarn. The effect can be regular or not according to your needs. You can adjust both the dimension and the distance between one effect and the other.
Twister twisting machine
Take up unit
Knitted panel created with yarn made with TWISTERF
Yarns made with TWISTERF
Pneumatic counterweight (without consumption)