Textile Machines

made in Italy

TFO Twisting Machine model RITO

Single head two-for-one twisting machine.
It is normally used in laboratories for the production of small lots of twisted yarn and/or for the creation of samples of yarn to be reproduced in “industrial” twisting machines.
Machine is available with feeding from 6” or 8”.
Grooved drum in hard anodized aluminum of superior quality.
Diameter of the twisting fuse: 160 mm.
Automatic threading by compressed air.
Optical sensor.
Through the touchscreen display operator can set:
- Overfeeding from -150% to + 150%.
- Rotation speed of the fuse from 100 to 12.000 RPM.
- Winding speed from 4 to 800 mt/min.
- Twist type: S or Z.
- Meter counter function.
- No. of twists per meter adjustable from 1 to 3400.
The setting of the parameters in the display such as the use of the machine are easy and intuitive.
The high quality of the materials used in the building process makes the machine more solid and lasting in time. Maintenance is made easily and is limited to the normal cleaning.
RITO with feeding from tubes with 6" traverse
RITO with feeding from tubes with 8" traverse

Assembly winder model SEB/1 for the preparation of the yarn to be twisted
Pls. refer to page SEB for further info
The steamer VAPO sets the twisted yarn. The process by direct steam combines the action of humidity and heat.
It is possible to adjust the duration of the working cycle. Working temperature between 70° and 90°C.