Textile Machines

made in Italy

High density soft Winder Mod. AD

Complete with electronic tensioner
There is a famous saying: "Well wound, half dyed".
In other words, package quality influences the dyeing process. Uniform density and homogeneity of the dyeing package allow the color to penetrate (with the same pressure) from the inside to the outside and viceversa.
Our new winder Model AD permits to obtain optimal packages, free of ribboning and with higher densities than the traditional ones. It results in a higher quantity of yarn in the same diameter and consequently more yarn dyed in the same time and for the same cost.
The max. speed which can be reached with Winder model AD is 1200 mt/min. It means a production advantage of at least the 19% compared with the standard winders in the market.
The frame of AD is very simple and the vertical configuration eliminates angles which may cause yarn damaging and "peeling" problems.
Machine is provided with our standard high precision meter counter (±1% tolerance).
The top quality grooved drum (in hard anodized aluminum) guarantees the constancy of the crossover angle from the beginning to the end of the winding process.
Main features of grooved drum winding:
* Simplicity.
* Ideal for cut yarns.
* Crossover angle and winding ratio are constant and regular.
* Packages are balanced and firm.
* No density increase at the edges.
AD means high density: "Alta Densità" in Italian language.
We can obtain high density eliminating the ribboning effect. Our NEW anti patterning system eliminates COMPLETELY the ribbons and permits to obtain packages with high and uniform density.
The absence of ribbons means more weight (yarn) in the same volume.
A digital device (with display) feeds the yarn at constant end controlled tension. It ensures a uniform density throughout the entire winding cycle regardless the winding speed and the diameter of the feeding package.
Winder model AD